Microsoft gives glimpse of tomorrow’s cloud-computing datacenter


Microsoft gives glimpse of tomorrow’s cloud-computing datacenter

Yesterday at Microsoft’s 10th annual Microsoft Management Summit 2009, Microsoft gave the world a glimpse of how the datacenter will be evolving from today, into tomorrow, and into the area of cloud-based computing. Microsoft’s key focus was around the virtualized environments of tomorrow’s datacenters, and how a plethora of mobile wireless devices will connect to the cloud.

Panda Launches New Free Cloud-based Antivirus


Panda Launches New Free Cloud-based Antivirus

Panda Security, the Spain-based antivirus software, today released a new free antivirus program called Panda Cloud Antivirus. The "Cloud" appellation comes from its sending data about files to Panda servers on the Internet for scans, instead of using your PC's resources.

I have seen a few of these lately. Not bad for scanning, and its Free.

Cloud computing a ‘security nightmare,’ says Cisco CEO


Cloud computing a 'security nightmare,' says Cisco CEO

"It is a security nightmare and it can't be handled in traditional ways." YOU THINK?

 I have been working with MANY Security Firms, on this very issue. I think we have a very good plan and future security systems, that will be way out there. Including Tag Technology, SSL, Certs, NO COOKIES, to a Military Grade system. Will this be enough…NOPE.

DMTF Group to Create Cloud Computing Specs


The Distributed Management Task Force is organizing a group of members who will create informational specifications aimed at addressing the need for open management standards for cloud computing. The group—made up of officials with such vendors as AMD, Intel, Novell, Red Hat, Microsoft, IBM and HP—in particular will look at ways to develop standards that create interoperability between private and public clouds.

I hope they can decide on some standards pretty soon! I wonder what standards will come up?