When Cloud Computing Doesn’t Make Sense OK???


New York Times Article: I think they need more DATA…..

I love to read this type of information, and you got to love how they came up with the Prices on Server Usage. Tax Write offs…please….

Article Quote: "On that basis, according to McKinsey, the total cost of the data center functions would be $366 a month per unit of computing output, compared with $150 a month for the conventional data center". $150.00 a month per unit. How do they define a UNIT??  I see they only used Amazon as a reference, what about Microsoft? What about a whole bunch of other players. FYI I have been quoted as cheap as 1 cent a Terabyte a month for server storage, along with a whole bunch of features we Database experts like, and need.

I feel this Article needs more DATA!

Federal CIO Scrutinizes Spending And Eyes Cloud Computing


Great Article by Information Week:
Federal CIO Scrutinizes Spending And Eyes Cloud Computing

The Federal Government Spends Billions of Dollars each year on Enterprise Solutions. It amazes me how the government awards these large projects to corporations that NEVER and I say NEVER deliver the systems. The New FBI system was a huge mess went it was ready to go back in 2005: http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/0113-05.htm

Its not always the vendors reason why they never delivered, but they still get paid Millions of dollars anyway. What a pure waste. My company has lost Government Proposals, and years later we see another Proposal from the same government agency with the same RFP, and we find out it was a huge mess with the awarded vendor, and millions of dollars later they are back to the drawing board. However the IT Administrator is NEW, and Community Development Director is NEW and the Government Commissioners (Some New) are ALL Involved.

ON DEMAND Systems can get these agencies at least up and running on New Advanced systems NOW, that adds Value Super Fast, Extracts Ideas from their staff, and the focus groups can make up their minds on what is a good function, and what function they do not need, and what enhancements they will need, without committing huge amounts of money on a system that might work, or might not work. (Out of Breath..)

I also see a need for a standardize functionality list for all departments for all local governments for Cloud Based (ON DEMAND) Applications.