Cloud computing and your career


Cloud computing and your career

Here is an interesting article about us IT people afraid of losing our jobs to the services provided in the cloud. We at Adept are not afraid of the cloud, or software as a service, or any service provided by vendor offerings accessed through our Internet connections anywhere in the world.

Now as far as having a good career these days, we as IT people regardless if you are a Network Admin, Web Developer, Windows Developer, Database Admin, and all Managers, need to be proficient on all the NEW technology coming available these next 5 years. I would really look at the Microsoft Azure Server Platforms, and be ready for them, along with Amazon, Google Apps, and other cloud offerings.

I don't see jobs being lost, in fact if you have the current skills, I see jobs being created. If you are an IT person working for large corporations I don't see your large corporation moving to the cloud, however if you are a small corporation that never could afford a full time IT person, I see them moving to on demand software systems to reduce cost. There are a lot more small corporations than BIG corporations, and most are still on paper tracking systems. I see more demand for IT professionals over the next 5 years, as more small corporations are able to afford software systems on demand. We will see…..

Customer Problems by renting software

Developing applications on a subscription (renting) level, has brought some interesting problems with potential customers and their understanding.  

These potential customers want the same relationships with the software corporations as if purchasing on premise applications or web-based applications by purchasing licensing and maintenance contracts.  They know that the contract is a service based contract, like purchasing services from Time Warner, or cell phone service from Sprint, however the licensing model is demanded as well.  These customers want the software license included with the service contract; however they do not want to pay for it. It amazes me a long with a lot of other corporations going to the next level from BETA to LIVE in the cloud on how the value of these applications going to the cloud has been lost by this customer that think paying $40.00 – $100.00 a month is a lot of money. They forget that they are paying for a service, they have no ownership. I had one consultant that I spoke with at Microsoft compare this to the cost of ownership of a car to renting the car. You will always have those customers that YOU DON"T WANT TO RENT TO.

Maybe its time for a new insurance model for renting software in the cloud. I see a new business model here…..

I Think its Time to Kill the word “Cloud”

I Think its Time to Kill the word "Cloud"

I keep reading and hearing the term Cloud and what is a TRUE Cloud application running in the cloud and what is considered NOT an application running in the cloud, SAAS is NOT a true cloud application and so on. To be frank I believe any application that is NOT an On Premise application is a Cloud application regardless if the servers are controlled or are service based servers where the processor calculations are known or not known. Our clients and the world should care and not care based upon what operations they are purchasing.


If the applications are installed on your computer and the data is stored inside your firewall it’s NOT a cloud application.

If the Application is a hosted solution and the data is stored outside your firewall it’s in the cloud. Let’s all not argue about this anymore. In fact let’s just kill the word "Cloud". On premise and off premise systems seem a better solution to such a cloudy term as "Cloud"

Pizza was good tonight, thanks Bill from Microsoft NYC, and IASA NYC chapter !!


Cloud Security Techniques

Cloud Security Techniques

As we develop more web-based applications our potential down-time events from this Technology are connection problem events and Security events.

The connection problems will be based upon your ISP (internet access).

I have seen a lot of Technology that addresses the Security Issues, however I feel Security in the Cloud is not there yet. We with our Partners are actively working on new technology to give better security for Online Identification, User identification and Client to Server Identification. The TCP IP and SSL systems are just not enough along with everything that is out there, including what the banks and government uses. We need more outside the box systems. Where the server knows the client is really the client regardless where in the universe the client is, then we need to make sure the user who is operating the client is really the user to allow access to. I call it a Triple Squared hand shake.

I am hoping to see more on this issue over the next few months, especially from Microsoft and Google.

Cloud Computing 2.0?

Cloud Computing 2.0?

Here in New York City, we Adept developers get invited to MANY discussion groups on Cloud Computing. Here we exchange business cards and listen to developers from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and a whole bunch of other software and service based corporations about the subject. One event I attended a few weeks ago at the Microsoft NYC Headquarters was on Cloud Computing 2.0. Wow we are on 2.0 already? Where did Beta and 1.0 go? I sure hope these folks don't think this is 2.0 of the old .COM mess. Where suddenly all these NON-Techs tried to start web based companies to sale anything from dog food to government permitting (GOVWORKS.COM) with no experence what so ever. Then the VCs and Angel Investors gave them Millions and Millions of dollars that went to more parties and Aeron Chairs than really doing anything productive with it.

At some of these discussion groups I heard the same old stuff I heard back in the 1990s, just packaged differently. The business plans are different, yet the same old end result, seems to keep coming back. Online services, reduces cost, Exchange Value, be first in the market and so on.

One major change I see is, back in the 1990s everyone tried to get a fee for a transaction. Here in 2009 everyone now skips this fee and wants a subscription based model. I like this change. I remember when I was at Accela back in 1999, sitting in on meetings where they wanted to get a fee for every permit issued online. They would always say if we can only get 1% of all the Millions and Millions of Permit fees issued in the USA, their model would be successful. Well it wasn't.

I am hoping that Cloud Computing and the Subscription based model will bring High End software for the little guy, that could never afford the large investment in high end software. Well, we will see!