Amazon Web Services’ Failures Are Black Eye For EC2 Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services' Failures Are Black Eye For EC2 Cloud Computing (Channelweb)

It looks like Amazon's Web services had some failures. Most people don't know that in the cloud world Amazon Web Services are being used in most of the major players like

So if your business or government has purchased cloud services this year the odds they are being run on the Amazon web services. According to this story this mess was based on a power supply that died, and the backup that dies too. That is what scares me to death, what investment in hardware are these folks investing in? (Maybe very cheap hardware to manage your mission critical software)I am all for Cloud systems, however we at Adept are involved in a different design than these folks. Private Cloud applications and Infrastructure is the way to go. I like to know what hardware our applications are being run on. Most experts would say well than your software in not really in the cloud. OK whatever, at least our applications work and we haven't lost control and can access our systems anywhere in the world. However, we do like using true cloud services, but for non-mission critical applications.

What I recommend is to not lose control over your Technology Infrastructure.  It is not time to sell your servers on eBay, and layoff your IT professionals yet….if ever. We will see more cloud failures, are you ready?



Intel Announces 48-core Processor For Cloud Computing

Intel Announces 48-core Processor For Cloud Computing (

Intel has shown off a new concept chip form Intel Labs that is designed to be used as a Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC), the hcip contains a massive 48 cores, and according to Intel it will use the same amount of power as two household light bulbs.

Wow 48 cores, very cool. So it seems the new Morres law of the 21st century will be how many cores can be placed on a processor should double every two years. The real Moores Law was the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit will doubled approximately every two years.