Sept. 11 Hijackers’ Florida Apartment Demolished – Hollywood Florida

Sept. 11 Hijackers' Florida Apartment Demolished (Fox News)

An abandoned apartment building in Hollywood, Florida where two of the September 11 hijackers lived for several months before the attack was demolished Friday… Strange knowing the demolition permit was issued using the Adept software we wrote together. The Library was torn down too, and a new one was built in its place. I pass by ground zero almost every day now, hopefully new technology in place now and in the future will help prevent something like September 11th from ever happening again.

The biggest threat in 2010? Web 2.0

The biggest threat in 2010? Web 2.0 (Sam Narisi –

This afternoon I was informed about this Special report. – Here is an interesting quote: "The great majority felt that they had managed to reduce the threats coming from email, but that they keep learning about new issues with social networking sites. In fact 25% reported that their networks had already been compromised in some way by social networking software."

Again, I keep seeing people, corporations, governments, and the academia world suffer from Web 2.0 excitement, without taking a deeper look into the technology that makes it all work, and the technology threats that are alive and well for internal networks and enduser systems.

ITechLaw Seattle Roundtable to Address Cloud Computing and Privacy

ITechLaw Seattle Roundtable to Address Cloud Computing and Privacy (Market Watch)

The topic of the roundtable, "Cloud Computing and Privacy," is a growing issue affecting individuals, organizations and companies worldwide.
This should be a very interesting roundtable. As web 2.0 systems continue to amass large amounts of data, privacy issues will continue to be a large concern.

Cyber Warriors

Cyber Warriors  (the Atlantic by James Fallows)

Cyber threats, very interesting article. This article was brought to my attention this morning. As we all are aware the internet has a good side, and a very bad side. The fact is most people are not aware of the dangers, until its to late. Years ago when I was in college I worked for the Chart House streak and seafood high end restaurant in California. Bud was a retired programmer that knew I was studying computers in college and trained me on doing the books. At night I was a waiter, and on the weekends Bud had the weekend off and I became the weekend bookkeeper. This was 1990-1993. Very good money when you are putting yourself through college, and the free food was a blessing. He wrote a very cool software application that automated the bookkeeping processes that uploaded our end of the day accounting to the main office in Solano Beach California. However he trained me on the non-computer way of doing the books as well. I asked him..why? Bud had long white hair he would tie in a pony tail, and he turned to me and said computers are only a tool. They break, things happen, you should always have a non-computerized method to keep operations going. I thought OK. Then we had a mud slide that came down the Pacific Coast Mountain side and everything in the Restaurant was under three feet of mud and a whole bunch of nasty stuff. We as team cleaned the whole restaurant in one day. However all of our computers where under the 3 feet of mud. Back in those days, computers were extremely expensive, and it would take 3 to 4 weeks to get new ones. The restaurant was open and the good old paper way of doing business worked. The fact is are we forgetting how to do business the old fashion way, or are we so dependent on computers we are putting ourselves in danger. When was the last time you purchased groceries from a super market that didn’t have a barcode scanner and the clerk had one that the computer didn’t recognize? She had to get on the phone and ask a manager to come in and put the price in by hand? Or better yet, you had to walk to a customer service counter to get the item. Anyway interesting article!