New York Hospital Loses Data on 130,000 via FedEx

New York Hospital Loses Data on 130,000 via FedEx (New York Times)

New York's Lincoln Medical Center is notifying patients that their personal information may have been compromised after seven CDs full of unencrypted data were FedExed by a hospital contractor and then lost in transit.

This just amazes me on how personal data is treated. Why would anyone put any personal information like medical information burn them on 7 CDs and give them to Fedex? I am very positive there are better ways of transmitting data.
It would have been funny if there were in a box with 10,000 1.44 Meg floppy disks…Come on people get with the times!!

Chrome OS Netbook and Dell!

Chrome OS Netbook and Dell! (CNET)

Google's New Chrome operating system will be released later this year, and it looks very good that Dell will provide the google operating system too with their netbooks.

Dell's Amit Midha, president for greater China and South Asia, said the PC company "wants to be one of the leaders" when it comes to adopting new technologies like Google's Android and Chrome operating systems. (Quote from CNET Article)

These are very exciting times with Emerging Technologies. We here at Adept have been testing many new technologies, and are moving forward with future development of our technologies that run on Google Chrome operating systems. I look forward to seeing more!