Threat of ‘cyberwar’ has been hugely hyped

Threat of 'cyberwar' has been hugely hyped (CNN)

Here is interesting reading about cyberwar vs cybercrime. What I know about cyber space, and what our partners know, cyberwar and cybercrime is real and must be taken seriously. When more and more systems require cyber space to operate, cybercrime or cyberwar is a clear and present danger. On any given day, our cloud based systems are attacked thousands of times an hour. These attacks are not done by humans, but by bots probing for weakness in the software, in the hardware and network systems. I have personally fixed websites that were created incorrectly by other corporations that were not designed to prevent attacks, where pages of data that a human cannot see, but were located in the DMZ, with open connections to the database server…hello??? and the bots just ate them up, and created millions of records that needed to be cleaned. Then you have the attacks on the DNS servers to shut down the internet.

So, as more and more governments, corporations, and individuals become completely dependant on cyberspace, it is and will always be a target for crime, and war. Its up to our existing law enforcement, and military to protect it. The USAF mission is read today as Space, Air, and Cyber. In 1990 it was Air and Space. So when developing software in todays world, it MUST be developed to prevent from being attacked, and that is very difficult to do.