China controls 97 per cent of global rare-earth metals production

China controls 97 per cent of global rare-earth metals production (

In Mountain Pass Mine, California located in the Mojave Desert,  the mine could hold the key to the US challenging China’s technological domination of the 21st century.

At the bottom of the vast site, beneath many metres of water, runs a rich seam of ores that are rapidly emerging as the building blocks of our high-tech future.

The mine is the largest known deposit of rare-earth elements outside of China. Eight years ago, it was closed in a tacit admission the US was ceding the market to China. Now the owners of the mine have secured final approval to restart operations and hope to begin production soon.

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Apple granted patent for holographic technology

Apple granted patent for holographic technology (TechCrunch)

Apple has applied for, and recently been granted, a patent for technology that could produce holographic  3D images. 

Apple’s patent is for an autostereoscopic 3D display that tracks the user’s position in space and adjusts the display accordingly. It is a complex way of interacting without 3D glasses, but if you don’t want to wear glasses, this is the direction to go.

My Two Cents: I have seen this technology many times at numerous international technology conferences including the CTIA conference. Most of the holographic devices I tested are not allowed in the USA. This Technology is way cool. I hope Apple can introduce it here in the USA, and advance it very soon.

Set Up Your New Tech Gifts

Set Up Your New Tech Gifts (CBS)

If you found hi-tech gifts such as a camera, ipad, ipod, cell phone, computer or flat screen TV under your tree on Christmas, you probably realize by now someone has to set them up,  and that someone is probably you!

That usually means HDMI cables, memory cards, power strips, USB connections – and depending on the item a little confusion to a lot of confusion.

Tech gifts can be overwhelming when you have to figure out things such as what wires go where, whether any components are missing, and what to do with your older technology…… Continue reading by clicking the link to CBS above.

My Two Cents: It seems I never read the manual until I am 60% into setting up my new device when I realize I have to purchase something not included!! One of the major items I have seen not included is the HDMI cable, and those are expensive. Every TV needs one and now most computer video connections are  HDMI. Next is the USB cable, followed by batteries, memory cards, and some online services you will need to setup. Its like these required items and services are a hidden cost that should have been included in the original item…..

 I usually go to bestbuy or radioshack to get these items. Then you have to decide what quality to get. Some of the cables can range for 5 dollars to 200 dollars! What size or type of memory card? 

Rule number 1 take the instruction manual with you to the store.

Rule number 2 if the device is small take it with you.

Rule number 3 don’t purchase the most expensive or the cheapest, middle of the road always seems to work, and be careful of those young sales guys trying to get you to purchase that golden cable for 200 bucks.

Every Christmas seems like upgrade time to a lot of people..enjoy!!

Google buys old Port Authority NYC

Google buys old Port Authority NYC (WiredVC)

Google has closed a $1.9 billion dollar deal with the partnership of Taconic Investment Partners, Jamestown Properties and the New York State Common Retirement Fund to purchase 111 Eighth Avenue.

“We believe that this is a great real estate investment in a thriving neighborhood and a fantastic city.

Like the city, our New York office is a melting pot of cultures and ideas—it’s home to Googlers from more than 35 countries who speak more than 40 languages. They live in the five boroughs and spread across the tri-state area. We’re excited to continue to build our presence here”.

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