Adept Enterprise Ameren

Adept Enterprise Ameren

Adept Enterprise 2011 Private Cloud Edition

Back in 2008, We were approached by Ameren a large power company in Missouri that had a problem and needed a specialized software system, Adept Enterprise answered that problem; to manage permits and many other mission critical tasks and records. Adept Enterprise was developed to be used inside highly secure networks that run nuclear power plants, but could not be installed on any server or workstation anywhere inside the power companies’ network. It was a huge challenge configuring Adept Enterprise for Ameren, but the Adept Enterprise system went LIVE on time. Since going LIVE in January 2009 with Adept Enterprise Ameren expressed that it has been a huge success.

Tunisia’s Revolution and Social Technology

Tunisia’s Revolution Was Twitterized

Social network technology like Twitter and Facebook are reshaping our world. Revolutions like the one that happened in Tunisia could not have worked without it. The above link is a good news article bringing the attention of twitter and its use in this revolution.

My Two Cents: Over the last 5+ years social networks like Facebook and Twitter are technology tools that are changing the way we communicate worldwide. If you have read news stories from most news websites like CNN, MSNBC, or FOXNEWS they have facebook comments to most stories. I find myself reading the facebook responses, and after a few comments, I get a different feel about the news story with the social discussion verses one without. I can see where government propaganda that might of worked in the past to control the people doesn’t work today, without the use of force like we saw in Iran.

5th Generation Jet Fighters

Is China closer than thought to matching U.S. fighter jet prowess?(

Here is an interesting news story from cnn about China and it’s J20 5th Generation Jet fighter. I guess the US DOD is down playing its existance and potential threat to the west.

My Two Cents: 5th Generation Jet Fighters are not defensive weapons, but offensive weapons.  The US has the F22 Raptor in production and on active duty and the  F35 Lighting 2 going through final testing. I had the opportunity to see theF35 take off, and have seen many F22s. Continue reading

Lithium-ion Batteries

GM and LG Chem to use Argonne’s patented cathode material technology

Here is a good technology news story on the development of Lithium-ion Batteries.

My Two Cents: Batteries are the future for transportion. As fossil fuels become more expensive and the demand for cheap transportion continues to climb, the electric car and the batteries that run them seem to be the correct direction for advanced battery development. I see the days ahead when the gas station is replaced with battery replacement stations. The gas pump is replaced with a unit with charged batteries, insert your credit card and a battery good for 500 miles is given and you simply insert it into your car. Remove the used battery and the station recharges it for the next car. So a standardized battery will need to be created, I am sure we will see this in the future. Then we will have the super battery vs the regular battery, just like the different grades of gasoline.  We will see.