Gmail Glitch Wipes Out 150,000 Accounts

Gmail Glitch Wipes Out 150,000 Accounts?(Foxnews)

Google Gmail had a major account glitch. Tens of thousands of Gmail users found themselves locked out of their accounts Sunday, a glitch Google engineers were still struggling to fix and fully understand Monday morning. Google did not offer additional details. Meanwhile, Google engineers continue to study the service outage, according to a series of notes on the company’s status page.

“Google support help please!” wrote a desperate Gmail user. “I cannot access my account, there is really valuable information there for me, this account has been my principal account for 4 years, I am really afraid to think about how much data is lost.”

My Two Cents: Backup your data, I will say it again if you didn’t hear me the first time, Back up your data! The Service will be down a few hours or days, but when it is up, restore your account from your backup.

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Windows 7 SP1 available for download on Tuesday!!

Windows 7 SP1 available for download on Tuesday!!(PCR)

Microsoft has completed working on their first major update to their Windows 7 operating system and will begin sending the update out on February 22nd via their Windows Update service.  Service pack 1 for Windows 7 will be released on Tuesday to the general public.  Owners of Windows 7 will be able to download the service pack (SP1) from the Microsoft Download Center or via Windows Update on Tuesday.
My Two Cents: I have had the luxury of testing Windows 7 SP1 through our membership in the Microsoft Partner Program.  I haven’t  seen any user interface changes, no real performance boosts, however with all service packs, it is important to update your systems. The Windows Server 2008 R2 service pack is also released. We have that too, and we have had no problems with these service packs.


Providers ready for IPv6?

Only half of SA providers ready for IPv6?(TechCentral)

Here is an interesting news story from TechCentral about IP Version 6 and the service providors getting ready to move to it. “One of the biggest challenges facing service providers is their lack of experience in IPv6. “They need expertise to manage the transition and that is where the biggest cost for most businesses will be” 

My Two Cents: We here at Adept Technologies have moved to IPv6 internally, it wasn’t as bad as a change as we thought, the outside world external IPs are still Version 4, but our SPs are testing and using us as a beta client in some of our operations. I see more business and people moving to IPv6, especially the mobile world, the fact that every device needs some IP address and Version 4 is out of them, we all need to take the jumb to version 6 externally and soon!!

Could the U.S. shut down the internet?

Could the U.S. shut down the internet?”(CNN)

Here is an interesting news story from CNN about governments and their ability to deny internet services during social unrest, like a revolution we are seeing in Egypt.

My Two Cents: Can the US shut down the internet. YES, and its not that hard to do. It all comes down to a very few Global DNS servers located in the US and other places outside the US. shut the servers down, and the DNS system is unavailable, the IPs would still work, but most folks don’t know that is really The government could also shut down like we see in Egypt all the ISPs and cellphone providers. For a long-term solution an emp pulse if used would destroy many router stations and communication satellites that provide internet services. If the US government really wanted to shut down the internet to the public they would go down certain paths of disruption based on the local social threat. I remember the days without the internet, they weren’t that bad.