Servers rule Wall Street

Computers rule Wall Street (CNN – Money)

It’s not fast-talking traders on the New York Stock Exchange behind the action. The majority of trading is done on large server farms based in New Jersey and elsewhere.

My Two Cents: I have been to these server farms. The deafening sounds of the thousands of fans and AC systems running on each floor, makes you wonder about if these machines are really alive. Each server rack has its own personality. Ours are always clean, our wires and plugs are tied nicely and we are proud of our server racks. It amazes me to see some racks that are a complete mess, most I have seen are these Wall Street systems, and some fortune 500 companies. It is like their IT staff just doesn‚Äôt care. No color coded wires, no labels, switches hanging from one side, KVMs, empty cardboard boxes laying around. Most of these look like scary monsters than an organized server rack. Stay away from our servers….So these systems are making trades on wall street, running software systems that calculate many factors. Make sure your 401k plan is being traded on the fastest server, some I see are over 5 years slow….lol ūüôā

Good Coding Practices

Good Coding Practices and the reason why we don’t fix 3rd party systems.

My Two Cents: Over the years of coding I have learned a lot, and I continue to learn, which makes coding a lot of fun and challenging. Some of the major problems I have come across is bad code, from bad or lazy coding and the lack of documentation. I currently write code using Visual Studio 2010 SP1. I write in order:  Visual Basic, Visual C#, along with asp, and php. I design relational databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Our company policy is NOT to fix 3rd party source code. I have seen some pretty horrible stuff from 3rd party systems. One of the biggest problems is no error handling. This just amazes me. How hard is it to put a try and catch statements in your sub routines and functions? If I see any more sql statements in a web.config file I will scream. How stupid can these coders be? I also hate seeing purchased 3rd party controls with copywrite rules in some of these 3rd party systems I have looked at, especially when the copyright is for non-commercial purposes. This is just a few of the reasons why we do not fix or take over 3rd party code. It is faster to development a new scope of work and write the systems from scratch.

Over¬†a short time¬†the system will run better, faster, the cost of ownership will decrease, and you don’t have to worry about the legal ramifications of using bad code too.