Upgrading Multi-channel memory architecture

Upgrading Multi-channel memory architecture (www.wikipedia.org)

Dual-channel architecture requires a dual-channel-capable motherboard and two or more DDR, DDR2 SDRAM, or DDR3 SDRAM memory modules. Memory Upgrade for the Dell PowerEdge 2900 III Server takes the PC2-5300 Fully Buffered ECC DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs. You will need to make sure you place 4 of these DIMMs in 2 matched sets. If the sets do not match the server will not accept it, regardless if they are the same size. Here is an example of a DIMM set that does NOT work.(See Image below)

Not Matched Ram Set

My Two Cents: This DIMM set does not work in the Dell Poweredge 2900 or 2950 because one is a 2Rx8 and the other is a 2Rx4. The DIMMs must be exact. The Poweredge 2900 has 12 DIMM Slots. The server will throw an error message if a group of 4 DIMM are not installed together, it will still boot, but the error is annoying and can effect performance. If the set of DIMMs do not match, the server will NOT boot.

Upgrading the Dell Poweredge 2900 and 2950 Servers

Upgrading the Dell Poweredge 2900 and 2950 Servers (www.dell.com)

2900: High performance in a rackable 2-socket tower, now with Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processors.The PowerEdge 2900 is designed with next generation performance features,large memory capacity and exceptional expandability,availability and manageability to reliably drive your business applications.
2950: The dual-processor PowerEdge 2950 delivers next-generation performance combined with a balance of internal expandability and rack density. Perfect for network infrastructure applications, such as web, messaging, database and file/print consolidation, the PowerEdge 2950 delivers both the performance customers need with the drive capacity demanded for growing applications. It’s the perfect balance available in a rack-dense 2U form factor. (Continue reading at www.dell.com)

My Two Cents: The Dell Poweredge server has always been my favorite brand of enterprise servers. My all-time favorite has been the 2900/2950 9th generation server. If the new 11th generation servers from Dell are outside your budget this year, you can upgrade your existing 2900/2950 fleet of servers and save a lot of money. Investing a few hundred dollars in CPU and Ram upgrades can be a good investment in getting more life out of these servers, BUT you need to do your homework before upgrading. Dell made three generations of these servers. GENI, GENII, and GENIII. Here is the very important differences when is comes to CPU upgrades. GEN1 only supports the Intel Xeon 50xx, 51xx family. GENII supports the Intel Xeon 50xx, 51xx AND 53xx family. GENIII supports the Intel Xeon 50xx, 51xx 53xx, AND 54xx family. I have made numerous mistakes puttting a x54xx cpu in a GENII server, and then get the dreaded CPU not supported error. To prevent this from happening, the front of these servers will have a label with a circle with a II, or a III, next to the DELL label. If you do not see the circle label, the odds are the server is GEN1, if you do see one and it has a II, its a GENII server, a III a GENIII server. Of course it better to get the Service TAG off the server and go to the DELL support site and see the servers shipping configuration. Since the Dell Poweredge R910 is in the 30 Grand Range, a small investment in upgrades can save Millions of dollars over the long term, and the performance really isn’t that different between a low end R910 and a Maxed out GENIII 2900 or 2950.

ToLongDateString remove the leading day

ToLongDateString remove the leading day (msdn.microsoft.com)

In Visual Basic 2010 using the .Net Framework 4.0, the ToLongDateString method converts the value of the current DateTime object to its equivalent long date string representation. The date value result using this method for example is: (Monday, December 19, 2011).
A normal request is to remove the day, and only show the Month, Day and Year (December 19, 2011) The best way to accomplish this, is to remove day by splitting the string.
Code Example:
‘Create the directory by date
Dim thedatestringtemp As String = String.Empty
Dim thedatestring As String = String.Empty
Dim thedateday As Date = Today
thedatestringtemp = RTrim(thedateday.ToLongDateString)

‘12192011 remove the day from ToLongDateString
‘Tuesday, November 29, 2011 to November 29, 2011

Dim P1Day As String = String.Empty
Dim P2MonthandDay As String = String.Empty
Dim P3Year As String = String.Empty

Dim line As String = String.Empty
Dim linearray() As String
line = RTrim(thedatestringtemp)

linearray = line.Split(“,”)

P1Day = linearray(0) ‘1
P2MonthandDay = linearray(1) ‘2
P3Year = linearray(2) ‘3

‘left trim to get rid of any leading spaces

thedatestring = LTrim(P2MonthandDay) & “,” & RTrim(P3Year)

‘end new 12192011

My Two Cents: Since the method ToLongDateString places a comma between the day, month and the year, we use the comma to split the string into 3 seperate strings. Then we simply reassemble the string, look at the final result thedatestring. Very easy!

Microsoft Office 365 Transition

Microsoft Office 365 Transition (www.microsoft.com)

What is Microsoft Office 365? It’s familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. Everyone can work together easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars. It includes business-class security and is backed by Microsoft. Whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise, Office 365 offers plans designed to fit your organization’s unique needs. . (Continue reading at www.microsoft.com)

My Two Cents: I was notified two weeks ago that our Microsoft Online Services were in Transition to Office 365. Microsoft sets a date, ours was on a Friday. I was notified that it will take 48 hours to complete, so Fridays are good! Mircosoft Live-Meeting is now called Microsoft Lynch, which is the only service we use. I have been very happy using Mircosoft Live-Meeting over the years, but these new name changes, I feel are not needed, and a little confusing. Hopefully the transition will be pain-less! If they are Painful I will post the experience.

Adept Technologies starts a new project with Entergy

Adept Technologies Inc., the leading software developer of Shoreline Management solutions for hydropower producers announced today that Entergy Arkansas Inc., a major Mid-Western hydro-power provider, has entered into agreement with Adept Technologies to upgrade their Shoreline Management operations, acquiring the Adept Enterprise Shoreline Permit Management system. (Continue reading at www.adepttech.com)

My Two Cents: I flew to Little Rock AR, three weeks ago with an Adept colleague and we drove to Hot Springs which is about a 40 minute drive west of Little Rock where Entergy’s Office is for the Kick off meeting. We will be going live in March. This is a private cloud system, with a lot of business automation. I was extremely impressed with Entergy’s IT department, everyone at Entergy I worked with were outstanding!!