Are cars’ safety computers vulnerable to hackers?

Are cars’ safety computers vulnerable to hackers? (

Could entertainment-related computers in cars’ navigation, phones and the like be hacked, providing an entry point to manipulate computers controlling safety functions? “There clearly is a vulnerability,” said Adrian Lund, president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, based in Arlington, Va. “All these electronics we’re bringing into cars seem to exacerbate that.”(Continue reading at

My Two Cents: I would agree, yes your car if running these systems can be hacked if they are exposed to systems running in the internet. I guess its time to purchase a router with a firewall and placed it next to the GPS unit in your car…

Google merges user data across its services

Google to merge user data across its services (

Google plans to start combining information the company collects about each user of its various websites and services into a single profile, the company announced on Tuesday. Google uses some of the data it collects based on people’s usage in order to deliver advertisements customized to individuals.Google’s new privacy policy will go into effect on March 1. It applies to everyone who is logged into a Google account while searching, checking Gmail, watching YouTube videos or downloading apps to an Android phone. (Continue reading at

My Two Cents: Sounds like big brother to me. However Google belongs to Google. It is their service and website. But, I feel Google needs to make it very clear, that when you are logged into your Google account, they will be tracking and storing everything you do. Your privacy does not exist.

Wikipedia, other websites go dark in anti-piracy bill protest

Wikipedia, other websites go dark in anti-piracy bill protest (

Wikipedia was among several websites to shut down at midnight today in protest of anti-piracy bills now in the US Congress that critics say could amount to censorship. “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge,” said the stark message in white letters on a black and gray background on Wikipedia. The protest is in response to the Stop Online Piracy Act bill, a piece of proposed legislation that is working its way through the Congress. A Senate committee approved a similar bill in May called the Protect IP Act, which is now pending before the full Senate.(Continue reading at

My Two Cents: This US Congress needs to focus on more important issues than this Online Piracy Act bill. It has become more and more clear on why this Congress has only a 13% approval rating. Your Fired – needs to be the focus on this years elections. If this Bill passes, I believe, based on history, the potential misuse of it by the US Government will be a pure disaster to free speech. This Congress needs to focus on new jobs, new technology, new ideas, instead of control, power, and giving in to special interest groups!

Facebook Koobface worm hacker gang named

Facebook Koobface worm hacker gang named (

Alleged cybercriminals behind an internet worm, which spread via Facebook and other social networks, have been named. The suspected gang were tracked down to St Petersburg after an investigation by Facebook and cybersecurity researchers. The worm gave the gang control of hundreds of thousands of computers. While not the largest such network of hijacked machines or botnet, the so-called Koobface worm is notable for its targeting of social networks. (Continue reading at

My Two Cents: Nice important article on cybercriminals. When in doubt, do NOT click on any link you are not 100% sure you know where it came from, and even if you think the link is safe, and the header is click here for a free game, or a million dollars…its bad. Rule number one in life I have learned..nothing is free in this world! Everything that claims is free is a scam!

Microsoft Licenses Patents

Microsoft Licenses Patents To LG For Android, Chrome OS Devices (The Wall Street Journal)

Microsoft Corp. agreed to license a broad assortment of patents to LG Electronics Inc. The software company’s latest such deal with a maker of mobile devices running Google Inc.’s Android platform. Over the last few months Microsoft has argued that Android incorporates some of its patented technology and pressured the makers of smartphones and tablets running the Google platform to pay a license to use the patent technology. Apple Inc. and other technology companies have similarly sought to leverage their intellectual property as high-tech mobile gadgets have proliferated and come to represent a rapidly growing market. In a statement Thursday, Microsoft did not disclose the terms of the latest deal, which covers LG tablets, smartphones and other consumer devices running Android and Google’s Chrome OS platform. (Continue reading at The Wall Street Journal)

My Two Cents: I am happy that Microsoft agreed to license their patent technology, but concerned on the methods of broad technology patents. Basic ideas should not have patents unless the idea works and has the technology created and in production before a patent is allowed.