Wikipedia, other websites go dark in anti-piracy bill protest

Wikipedia, other websites go dark in anti-piracy bill protest (

Wikipedia was among several websites to shut down at midnight today in protest of anti-piracy bills now in the US Congress that critics say could amount to censorship. “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge,” said the stark message in white letters on a black and gray background on Wikipedia. The protest is in response to the Stop Online Piracy Act bill, a piece of proposed legislation that is working its way through the Congress. A Senate committee approved a similar bill in May called the Protect IP Act, which is now pending before the full Senate.(Continue reading at

My Two Cents: This US Congress needs to focus on more important issues than this Online Piracy Act bill. It has become more and more clear on why this Congress has only a 13% approval rating. Your Fired – needs to be the focus on this years elections. If this Bill passes, I believe, based on history, the potential misuse of it by the US Government will be a pure disaster to free speech. This Congress needs to focus on new jobs, new technology, new ideas, instead of control, power, and giving in to special interest groups!