The Enterprise Prepares For Life Beyond 100 Gbits/s

The Enterprise Prepares For Life Beyond 100 Gbits/s (

Our world has seen amazing changes with the advent of the information age. The latest Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) shows a rapid growth in demand from many sources, namely streaming media.1 Cisco estimates a compound annual growth rate for Internet Protocol (IP) traffic of 29% through 2016. (Continue reading at

My Two Cents: We here at Adept Technologies have been live and testing internal network speeds of 100 Gbits/s and faster. Locating bottlenecks within the network is priority number one! Focus on network cards, switches, routers along with the cable used. Nice clean equipment, environment, cooling, along with a good design and you will experience lighting fast speeds. It always amazes me when I see a few hundred thousand dollar servers in a rack connected to a 20 dollar slow switch…crazy!