Recent hacking of Mat Honan writer for Wired

Recent hacking of Mat Honan writer for tech Wired (

The recent hacking of Mat Honan was doubly shocking: he’s a writer for tech Bible Wired, and hackers were able to crack his accounts with non-technical ease.
Here’s the scariest part: Anyone with both an Amazon account and an Apple ID is potentially vulnerable to the same attack. The two companies say they’re working to close the security gaps exposed by Honan’s hack, but they were tight-lipped on Tuesday about the details of what changes they’re making. Honan’s harrowing tale : (Continue reading at

My Two Cents: This is horrible. Again, make sure you have a backup of all your data that is NOT exposed to the internet. If you are using public cloud systems make sure your username and passwords are different for each service. The fact that Apple and Amazon gave the hacker information over the phone, and it was easy to guess, well they need to change the process because it does not work.