Microsoft Internet Explorer Fix it available now

Microsoft Internet Explorer Fix it available now (

Microsoft today released “Fix It”
Internet Explorer Fix it available now; Security Update scheduled for Friday. Earlier this week, an issue impacting Internet Explorer affected a small number of customers. The potential exists, however, that more customers could be affected. As a result, today we have released a Fix it that is available to address that issue. This is an easy, one-click solution that will help protect your computer right away. It will not affect your ability to browse the web, and it does not require a reboot of your computer.
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Here is the Download link to Fix it:
Microsoft Fix It

My Two Cents: I recommend everyone to update their Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers as soon as possible.

iPhone 5, Apple Raises the Smartphone Bar

iPhone 5, Apple Raises the Smartphone Bar (

With iPhone 5, Apple Again Raises the Smartphone Bar
Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook took the stage Wednesday to unveil an eagerly awaited revamping of the company’s flagship products, including the iPhone, iPod, iTunes—all the way down to its ubiquitous white earphones. The centerpiece of the event, held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts in San Francisco, was the introduction of the iPhone 5, a sleek new handset that sports a larger screen but a thinner profile and is 20 percent lighter than the previous iPhone 4S.

The phone runs Apple’s new iOS 6 mobile operating system and clearly raises the bar in a high-stakes, industry-wide competition between Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and other tech giants to dominate the most real estate in the expanding world of mobile computing. “It really does feel like a piece of jewelry,” says Tim Bajaran, an analyst at Creative Strategies, of the new phone.
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My Two Cents: I am looking forward to the release of the new Apple iPhone 5. Apple has done an outstanding job with their mobile operating system. It is clear that Apple creates while their competitors try to keep up. Competition in this industry is what keeps the advancements in this technology going. The end result are better mobile devices for the customer. This is a good thing.

Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Teleportation (

How Quantum Teleportation Can Bring Us Secure Communications
New advances in quantum teleportation keep coming with greater frequency. Today, a team of European physicists sets the bar higher than ever before. After officially reporting teleportation across nearly 90 miles, through the turbulent ocean atmosphere of the Canary Islands, physicists could be ready to take on the greatest challenge yet — an attempt to teleport particles into space. (Continue reading at

“It’s quite possible to teleport photons and ions, maybe many of them within a very carefully controlled quantum computer.”
To beam up a person, you’d have to create a suitable — but not easily conceivable — entangled resource, a second “person.” Then you would have to destroy the original self of the teleported living thing, Grangier said.

My Two Cents: Quantum Teleportation!! One of these days you will be able to email yourself somewhere, however the destroy the original self is not the correct term.

Apple’s iOS6 to be released this fall!

Apple’s iOS6 to be released this fall! (

iOS 6 gives you more features to make the things you do every day even better. It’s coming this fall, and it’s free and easy to upgrade wirelessly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — the moment it’s available. (Continue reading at

iOS 6 is compatible with:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPod touch – 4th generation
iPad 2
The new iPad

My Two Cents: I am excited about the upgrade!! I currently have the iphone 4s and I love it. Last month when I was in Cairo Egypt flying to Amman Jordan I had to make sure my driver would meet me at the airport, and my iphone 4s worked perfectly. A few months before when I was in Istanbul Turkey, my Pocket PC failed and failed when I needed it the most and no car was waiting for me in Kayseri Turkey, that is when I decided to get the Apple Iphone, when your on business or pleasure internationally I like having a mobile device that works period, and gives me options. I recommend the Apple iPhone! 🙂