Hackers From China Resume Attacks on U.S. Targets

Hackers From China Resume Attacks on U.S. Targets (http://www.nytimes.com)

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After three months of silence, Chinese government-backed hackers are back on the hunt and going after U.S. targets according to a New York Times report. Three months after hackers working for a cyberunit of China’s People’s Liberation Army went silent amid evidence that they had stolen data from scores of American companies and government agencies, they appear to have resumed their attacks using different techniques, according to computer industry security experts and American officials.

In interviews, Obama administration officials said they were not surprised by the resumption of the hacking activity. One senior official said Friday that “this is something we are going to have to come back at time and again with the Chinese leadership,” who, he said, “have to be convinced there is a real cost to this kind of activity.”
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My Two Cents: I feel that corporations and government that are being targeted need to be more pro-active instead of re-active when it comes to Cyber Security. Unfortunately these hacking attacks will get only worst, not only from China but elsewhere too. It is clear that the Cyber Security these corporations and governments are using do not work!

Cyberattacks Against U.S. Corporations Are on the Rise

Cyberattacks Against U.S. Corporations Are on the Rise (http://www.nytimes.com)

Cyber Security News

A new wave of cyberattacks is striking American corporations, prompting warnings from federal officials, including a vague one issued last week by the Department of Homeland Security. This time, officials say, the attackers’ aim is not espionage but sabotage, and the source seems to be somewhere in the Middle East. The targets have primarily been energy companies, and the attacks appeared to be probes, looking for ways to seize control of their processing systems. The attacks are continuing, officials said. But two senior administration officials said Sunday that they were still not certain exactly where the attacks were coming from, or whether they were state-sponsored or the work of hackers or criminals. (Continue reading at http://www.nytimes.com)

My Two Cents: Cyber sabotage is on the rise and sadly it will only get worse. If we take a look at the Internet, and how it seems every new device (Printers, Refrigerators, TVs..) we purchase has wireless, and wired network controllers turned on out of the box, and most people just put the device on a network not knowing the printer or other device is also sending out an unsecure wireless signal..I can understand how these systems get hacked.