Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Views on Issues

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Views on Issues (

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Larry Ellison, America’s third richest man and the CEO of tech giant Oracle, took aim at Google in a wide-ranging interview with Charlie Rose, calling out Google CEO Larry Page “specifically” for overseeing Google’s decision to “take our Oracle’s stuff.”

Oracle produces a widely-used database that operates web systems from online banking platforms to airline reservation systems. The company is currently locked in a legal battle with Google, and Ellison maintains that the online search giant used Oracle programming language without permission.

“We don’t compete with Google. We don’t do anything Google does. We just think they took our stuff and that was wrong. That’s a completely separate issue … I think what they did was — was– absolutely evil,” Ellison told Rose.

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My Two Cents: I would have to agree with Larry Ellison, Evil are people that copy code and claim they wrote it themselves. We write the coding systems that creates code. Our customers demand systems that do not exist, so we have to create coding systems to code what they request. If someone was to steal that, they should go to jail, and to hell. It seems these days in the news a lot of people want to copy, or take the easy way out and cheat, while we the engineers create and protect our IP from these types of people, corporations and governments.