Cyber criminals turn their attention to cloud service credentials

Cyber criminals turn their attention to cloud service credentials (

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Cyber criminals are turning their attention to cloud-based services to steal credentials as the use of cloud-based documents becomes increasingly popular, say researchers at security firm Proofpoint. Stealing credentials from Google Apps in phishing campaigns is among the most common email-borne threats Proofpoint currently detects.
Organisations that have adopted Google Apps for regular internal use are particularly susceptible to this threat, the researchers said in a blog posting.
In one recent attack, cyber criminals used a very realistic Google docs shared document landing page that differed from the authentic page only in the fact that it was delivered using the standard hypertext transfer protocol (http) and not the secure version of the protocol (https).

Anyone who fails to notice this warning sign and clicks the document download button is presented with a realistic looking Google login page.

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My Two Cents: My feelings towards public cloud applications and services have changed over the years from wow to do not use. Now these days its seems when you use a cloud service or app its like getting a sexually transmitted disease without the sex, that steals your money too. So many scams too. Be careful out there….if it sounds to good to be true…it is..