When Cloud Computing Doesn’t Make Sense OK???


New York Times Article: I think they need more DATA…..

I love to read this type of information, and you got to love how they came up with the Prices on Server Usage. Tax Write offs…please….

Article Quote: "On that basis, according to McKinsey, the total cost of the data center functions would be $366 a month per unit of computing output, compared with $150 a month for the conventional data center". $150.00 a month per unit. How do they define a UNIT??  I see they only used Amazon as a reference, what about Microsoft? What about a whole bunch of other players. FYI I have been quoted as cheap as 1 cent a Terabyte a month for server storage, along with a whole bunch of features we Database experts like, and need.

I feel this Article needs more DATA!

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