Twitter all clear after a worm attack


I use Twitter, (my Tweat is Cadcord). All the young developers I meet at NYU and at conferences are all on Twitter and writing cool applications that use this Technology from Facebook to gaming applications. One APP that I found interesting was a YOU ARE COOL tracker that gives you points for the cool places you hang out here in NYC, and subtracts points from going to UN-COOL places you are seen at. Gosh I wish we had this technology back at UCLA in the late 80s early 90s.

Social Networking is a wonderful technology, on Facebook I am friends with people I lost touch with from High School to College to Air Force to new people I am meeting all over the world. When I was working in Marrakech Morocco, I introduced my good friends there to it and we are always in touch now. The young kids in my family think I am cool, because Uncle Nick sends birthday cards via Facebook and they can follow my Tweats.

Now the bad stuff, Security problems.

Twitter all clear after worm wave

Twitter has been given the all clear after a worm infected "tens of thousands of users". But experts say the attack could have been much worse.

Read the BBC news release:

The kid that did this lives in Brooklyn NY, I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and I take the F train to West 4th and Walk to work. He said he didn't expect it to cause so much trouble and he is only 17 years old.

You can download the code, very basic code. I hope they don't throw him in jail, he needs to be given a grant and his talents need to be expanded for good things. I hope to see him at the next NYSIA Event.


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