Security and Connection Technology the Achilles Heel

Security and Connection Technology A Must!!

The Achilles Heel of Pure SAAS "Software As A Service" system is 1) Internet Connection "The Web" and 2) Security attacks. At a SAAS developers conference I asked a simple question on the what if the internet gets attacked by cyber terrorists and destroys the 13 Main Public DNS servers. DNS servers are responsible for resolving user-friendly domain names (like into computer-friendly IP addresses (such as Here is the list of the 13 Public DNS Servers. Now I have been told we have many backup servers in secret locations I don't know if that is true, but I hope it is. (San Jose, CA, US) (Longmont, CO, US) (San Jose, CA, US) (Oakland, CA, US) (Dallas, TX, US) (US) (Cologne, Germany) (Tokyo, Japan) (Tokyo, Japan) (Auckland, New Zealand) (San Francisco, CA, US) (Los Angeles, CA, US) (Amsterdam, Nederland)

So let's say there is an attack that screws these servers up, so you type and it takes you to another site like and so on. This will cause major problems, and your SAAS systems will not be accessed. How long will it be down? Who will fix them? You would call me, and I would call ICAAN and see what's going on. But most of you would call your ISP, Internet Service Provider. Anyway we must have backup connections to your SAAS systems when the Internet goes down, either by your ISP going down, or by cyber attacks. The US Air Force has been tasked to protect our internet. They are up for the task; however we all must do our own tasks to protect our SAAS systems.

So back to my simple question on the what if. The well known CTO at this conference in front of us answered me and said "The internet will NEVER GO DOWN." It's a global controlled environment. Where did I hear this in my history classes….Maybe the Titanic! IT WILL NEVER GO DOWN, its unsinkable…..

We must have these issues resolved, and redundant connections must be Primary number one, not an after thought. We cannot have our SAAS systems be dependant on an infrastructure (cloud) that CAN and WILL Go down. So Good Luck!!

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