Is Cloud Computing .Com 2.0?


Is Cloud Computing going to be a revival of the .Com industry of the 1990s and the .Com Crash of 2001? Many Industry leaders I have met from SYS-CON Events to NYSIA SAAS events here in New York City say NO!

One Lead Developer from the Microsoft Corporation working on the Azure Systems told me they are going to do it right this time. A developer for the Oracle Corporation told me they have gone so far to split their developers into two groups, one for their database systems, the other for Future and Current On Demand Cloud systems that utilize their database systems for great cost reductions for their future and current clients. Major players are investing huge amounts of resources for Public and Private On Demand services. The one statement that sticks in my mind is what a high up from Microsoft said to a group of us. "That Microsoft is expecting revenue from On Demand (Cloud) systems to be 60% and their Existing On Premise sales to be 40% of their total revenue 5 years from now." Thats a huge amount of revenue, and demand. We will see.

I am Hoping the .Com or what We say the .Gone Industry  was a learning session of what NOT to do, like this Housing Bubble Crash…..Greed is so wrong…A repeat of .COM 1.0 would suck!