Cyber Attacks and Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus has been unleashed and escaped China, Cyber Attacks out of Asia have gone up, and these attacks have changed and are now heavy focused on remote access, since most of the workforce is now working from home.

We have seen a rise on VPN (Virtual Private Network) brute force attacks, where a bot just nails the VPN systems with User Names like VENDOR1 – VENDOR2000 with numerous passwords.

Adept Secure Attack Viewer

I personally find these attacks just outrageous. So we have decided to start taking aggressive action against these horrible systems. If any system attacks our systems we will target them, and take the necessary action. Their IP addresses have been stored, and added to our target lists.

These organizations and individuals that are attacking everyone have no place on this planet. For everyone else, be safe, check your router logs daily, block these bad guys.

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