Payment Tenders With Adept Enterprise®

Adept Enterprise ® has supported multiple tenders for payment transactions for over 16 years, for both government departments and the private sectors.

A payment tender is the method by which a payment was received. Cash, standard check, electronic check, wire transfer, PayPal, and credit cards are all examples of payment tenders. We now support Payment Tender methods of Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Using payment tenders allows you to classify payments, what fees were paid by what tender making reconciliation and reporting easier. The payment report, for example, displays a summary of payments broken down by tender and what fee was paid by what tender.

Adept Enterprise®  Payment Tenders
Selecting Fees and making multiple tender payments are easy and secure.

Providing your customers with multiple tenders for payment transactions makes it easy for your customers to get their permits, licenses, uses and any other transaction with any payment form they are comfortable with. Sticking to just accepting cash or check makes the payment experience for the customer and your staff much more difficult.

Adept Enterprise® also supports Trust Accounting which is a payment method of Contractors depositing funds into the Adept Enterprise® system and withdraws the funds to pay for planning, permits and licenses for their projects with the agencies.

Adept Enterprise® integrates with many financial software systems for real time and/or nightly exports/imports to these systems, which automates the tracking for fees and payments with the financial institutions.

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