Run for your life! There are stupid hackers everywhere!

Over the last three months the amount of hacking has been insane. However, the amounts of hacking data we have received on the bad guys has been amazing. Our cyber security teams have been having a lot of fun and we have learned a lot.

Here is some of what we learned.

Spoofing IP addresses, we have seen a lot of this lately, and unfortunately most ISP (Internet Service Providers) are supposed to NOT allow this type of traffic to pass through their systems.

Bad Hackers

Unfortunately these ISP corporations are allowing this traffic through their systems, since we have caught a lot of it.

Denial of Service Attacks, are way up. We see hackers get pissed off on not getting what they want so they have temper tantrums and fire off Denial of Service attacks. Which is totally stupid.

Spoof your IP addresses when doing this, you don’t want a swat team showing up at the data center you have a VM (virtualized server) account with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from your private LAN running stolen CIA hacking tools, attacking us.

It will be wonderful seeing the USA Data center people getting pissed off and coming after you since we filed civil and criminal complaints against them for your illegal actions.

Let’s throw in the law firms. We then file huge amounts of civil legal action against these firms, huge amounts of damages, any law firm eats this up, especially ours. The insurance companies get involved, their law firms get involved and we basically put you or your supporters out of business.

No insurance company will ever insure you again based on the huge amounts of settlements or when we go to trial, because we love to go all the way. It is just over for you or the company allowing you to hack.

Since the Coronavirus has been very bad, especially here in the USA, I don’t ever see a Jury feel sorry for a Hacker that took down any SaaS system, or stole data that caused problems when everyone is using these systems to work from home.

If you are outside the USA, that is ok too. We just block your whole country. That’s when you purchase a service here in the USA and attack us that way, which is great because we then have a party here in the USA that allowed you to do this. Lawsuit! We then go after them.

We watch everything, because that is what we do. We are super nerds. One nice thing about all these attacks is the data. We look forward towards more data.

There are patterns in the attacks too, some just go on forever especially brute force attacks against FTP and VPN systems. Even if you shut off the ports and log the attempts. The logs just capture so much honey. Some of these attacks come from University systems (University of Utah and Wisconsin Is everyone out there a hacker these days?? I guess they are, but stupid in more ways than one.

Be safe out there. Sad seeing all of this. We as humans are supposed to be better than this, we must all be held to a higher standard. If not well when you get caught and you will if you are a hacker, it will not be good for you. Can’t we all just get along? If your a hacker Stop it!

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