New York Technology Council!

New York Technology Council  (

Last Thursday (July 22, 2010) at the NYTECH "A Summer Networking Extravaganza" at Local West, 1 Penn Plaza on 33rd Street in Manhattan I found a well organized event get together for many Technology corporations. Red Hat CIO Lee Congdon was the special guest along with many professionals from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, Amazon, Citibank, Sapphire, Adept Technologies, GrowthRoots, TGP Associates, IBM, City of New York, and many more cool Technology Corporations, Startups, Attorneys, Insurance companies, Venture Capitalists, and individuals.  I really want to thank the Citibank commercial banking professionals along with Sapphire, and TGP Associates for the in depth conversations about technology that ended Friday Morning. These events are priceless!

I highly recommend becoming a NYTECH member. If you are in Technology, especially in New York City and the Metro area, I highly recommend coming to an event, then joining!

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