Don’t Use Gmail for Business!

Communicating through Email is one of your primary means of communication in our technology world.

I have noticed that a lot of people and I mean millions of people are using this free Email service here in the USA and Canada as their primary Email provider. That is just stupid.

Did you know that Gmail reads every Email you have coming in and going out? Gmail builds vast amount of data on you and stores every Email in datacenters all over the world on you that can be accessed by anyone that Google allows or is hacked.

Gmail blocks Email that they determine they don’t want you to receive, especially from noreply Emails, and from the internet of things like security camera motion detection you setup.

Please do not use free Email services especially Gmail for anything related to business, security, and anything that you want private.

The internet is not free, these free services like Gmail you think are free are obviously not.

I was in Redwood City California a few months ago visiting friends and family and I visited the Redwood City Google, Pacific Shores, the 1.7 million-square-foot office park, along with Google headquarters in Mountain View. I thought to myself why do they need so much office space in California and how can they afford to own so much?

RedWood City Google

The answer is very simple, they sell your information, and if you are using Gmail for business, well just think about all the juicy data they are getting from you, it is a no brainer on why they can afford so much office space in California and all over the world.

Don’t Use Gmail! You all have been warned!

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