NYC invests $300,000 into tech startup!

NYC invests $300,000 into tech startup! (CNN)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a surprise appearance Tuesday at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference to unveil the debut investment from the NYC's new Entrepreneurial Fund, which will take stakes in promising technology startups.

Bloomberg — who knows a few things about building businesses — pledged to give Silicon Valley a run for its money on cultivating tech startups.

"If you have an idea, New York City is the city for you," he told the crowd at TechCrunch's conference. "In New York City, we understand that innovation drives economic growth. We're nurturing information technology."

New York City is a better place than Silicon Valley period for technology. Being from Northern California, New York City is just perfect for software development corporations, and anything technology base, and I believe like Mayor Bloomberg,  New york City will be know for Tech, and in the years to come Tech will be the primary business for New York City!

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