Menus in Adept Enterprise 2010

Menus in Adept Enterprise 2010

Menus are very important features with any enterprise wide software system. One very important feature is the ability to create custom menus by permit type, or activity type. The Adept Enterprise system has a lot of these features. Not every permit type will need all these features.

We give the user the ability to create their menus by permit type and subtype within the admin setup system which is provided, so the government can keep their system current and make modifications at anytime. Some permit types are not required to have approvals, or modifications the user can turn this menu item off without any programming what so ever. This makes the menu system an important navigation tool, not just a giant list of menu items that the user only uses one or two.

Our mission in development is to provide the tools that our clients require, and to keep the user interface clean, and easy to navigate.


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