Paying for multiple fees on multiples permits, with multiple payment tenders at once

Paying for multiple fees on multiples permits, with multiple payment tenders at once with Adept Enterprise

The Adept Enterprise Land Management system has many advanced features to help speed up the processes of government activities that provide better services to citizens. One of these functions is the built in Group function that allows the government departments and citizens to create multiple Building permits and other department activities like Planning, Code Enforcement, Public Works, Solid Waste, Engineering, Fire and Safety, and Shoreline Management assigned to multiple site addresses, multiple contractors, along with all the computerized fee generations by the group application.

When it becomes time to pay for all these activities, the Adept Enterprise system allows the citizen to pay for each activity, or allows them to pay for all of fees in one transaction. Not only are all these fees broken down by GL account codes and assigned to multiple activities like Commercial Building Permit, Commercial Electrical Permit, Sign permit, Mechanical, Plumbing, and so on, along with additional fees, the built in payment system allows to pay for the fees using Multiple Payment tenders for that one transaction.

There are many times when a contractor or home owner needs to pay for their activity fees using checks, echeck, credit cards, cash, and Trust/Escrow accounts. We allow that one transaction to be paid via an unlimited amount of payment tenders. This makes the difficult task of accepting payments from the customer into a very easy task. Our echeck tracking verifies check payment transactions, which prevents NSF at the time of the transaction.

The build-in group functions of the Adept Enterprise system saves time and money.


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