Woman sues Google for exposing her underwear on Street View!

Woman sues Google for exposing her underwear on Street View (Tehnolog on MSNBC.com)

Here is a funny news story on MSNBC about A woman in Japan claims her obsessive-compulsive disorder worsened and she feared everything she did throughout the day was secretly recorded after Google Street View captured images of her underwear hanging out to dry, So she’s suing Google for $7,000.

My question is its OK for her neighbors to see her hanging underwear, but not the rest of the world? I am sure we all will be very sad when Google removes the photo, BUT how many people would really see the underwear by searching google maps in the first place?

A few months ago I was walking to my office with a colleague after lunch on Broadway here in New York City and saw the Google Street View car driving very slowly by us, so we both made crazy childish faces at it, and jumped up and down, a few other people joined in. If I slipped and hurt myself and Google had that photo on google maps, my legal team would sue for millions. NOT.  Crazy world we live in.


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