Skype service disruptions second day

Skype service disruptions continue into second day.

“Make internet calls for free with Skype. Call friends and family on any phone with Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly subscriptions, sign up today at”

The first thing I see here is the word free. I have used Skype, but I would NOT count on it as a service I would use everyday. But a lot of people do use and depend on it daily, which I find extremely crazy. First is what does free mean? Free: Without charge or Costing nothing; gratuitous are good definitions. Some of these folks are using a free service and now its down, well yes this will happen with free “Costing nothing” services and I am surprised Skype hasn’t had more problems. I saw a post on blog about Skype being down today again and saw this one:  “Not impressed with the amount of @skype downtime today. Have a banking issue noticed this morning & STILL have not been able to make a call.” – You got to be kidding me, you cannot call your bank without Skype, what about 911?? You don’t have a cell phone, POTS, or Vonage ?? BUT have internet connection…maybe at Starbucks??

My Two cents: With every free service the value of that service is only valued when the service is down. The people that depend on these services need to have a backup, and NOT yell and scream at Skype and write bad things about them, Skype is giving it to you for free, unless you did purchase a plan from them….

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