Web Graphics Bar Charts and Pie Charts in ASP

Web Graphics Bar Charts and Pie Charts in ASP

This year we have been adding web graphics to our web-based application Adept Enterprise 2010. At client requests we added them, at first I thought it was a waste of space, however as we have been writing the code and testing and implementing our clients really like them, and we are designing more. We have had graphics in our report system for years, now it is becoming the norm throughout every search feature.

One major development model we use here at Adept Technologies is we design and write all our code ourselves. We do not purchase widgets or other class objects from vendors. We write them ourselves. This saves us having to deal with outside vendors, or limitations of the widgets. We do not outsource at all, and everyday there is some company wanting us to outsource to them…yea steal our code.  Since our clients are Governments and Utilities and the information we handle when implementing these systems is confidential, outsourcing to countries outside the United States is not a good idea for security reasons.

As we continue designing our graphics, coding them are very exciting and challenging, especially the pie charts. Each piece of the pie must be drawn; we start at 0 degrees and continue to 360 degrees. You have a start angle and an ending angle for each slice. To determine the size of each piece you take the count of all the items, and then you take one of the items count divide it by the total count and multiply it by 360. This will get you the degrees needed for that one piece. You do the rest of the pieces. This makes the pie. Then you can do a whole bunch of fun stuff, colors, depth, 3d, and make it fun shapes.

We now allow our clients the capability of designing their own graphic shapes. Over the next few months we will have a lot more throughout our web-based and windows systems.

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