Set Up Your New Tech Gifts

Set Up Your New Tech Gifts (CBS)

If you found hi-tech gifts such as a camera, ipad, ipod, cell phone, computer or flat screen TV under your tree on Christmas, you probably realize by now someone has to set them up,  and that someone is probably you!

That usually means HDMI cables, memory cards, power strips, USB connections – and depending on the item a little confusion to a lot of confusion.

Tech gifts can be overwhelming when you have to figure out things such as what wires go where, whether any components are missing, and what to do with your older technology…… Continue reading by clicking the link to CBS above.

My Two Cents: It seems I never read the manual until I am 60% into setting up my new device when I realize I have to purchase something not included!! One of the major items I have seen not included is the HDMI cable, and those are expensive. Every TV needs one and now most computer video connections are  HDMI. Next is the USB cable, followed by batteries, memory cards, and some online services you will need to setup. Its like these required items and services are a hidden cost that should have been included in the original item…..

 I usually go to bestbuy or radioshack to get these items. Then you have to decide what quality to get. Some of the cables can range for 5 dollars to 200 dollars! What size or type of memory card? 

Rule number 1 take the instruction manual with you to the store.

Rule number 2 if the device is small take it with you.

Rule number 3 don’t purchase the most expensive or the cheapest, middle of the road always seems to work, and be careful of those young sales guys trying to get you to purchase that golden cable for 200 bucks.

Every Christmas seems like upgrade time to a lot of people..enjoy!!

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