Lithium-ion Batteries

GM and LG Chem to use Argonne’s patented cathode material technology

Here is a good technology news story on the development of Lithium-ion Batteries.

My Two Cents: Batteries are the future for transportion. As fossil fuels become more expensive and the demand for cheap transportion continues to climb, the electric car and the batteries that run them seem to be the correct direction for advanced battery development. I see the days ahead when the gas station is replaced with battery replacement stations. The gas pump is replaced with a unit with charged batteries, insert your credit card and a battery good for 500 miles is given and you simply insert it into your car. Remove the used battery and the station recharges it for the next car. So a standardized battery will need to be created, I am sure we will see this in the future. Then we will have the super battery vs the regular battery, just like the different grades of gasoline.  We will see.

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