Providers ready for IPv6?

Only half of SA providers ready for IPv6?(TechCentral)

Here is an interesting news story from TechCentral about IP Version 6 and the service providors getting ready to move to it. “One of the biggest challenges facing service providers is their lack of experience in IPv6. “They need expertise to manage the transition and that is where the biggest cost for most businesses will be” 

My Two Cents: We here at Adept Technologies have moved to IPv6 internally, it wasn’t as bad as a change as we thought, the outside world external IPs are still Version 4, but our SPs are testing and using us as a beta client in some of our operations. I see more business and people moving to IPv6, especially the mobile world, the fact that every device needs some IP address and Version 4 is out of them, we all need to take the jumb to version 6 externally and soon!!

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