Gmail Glitch Wipes Out 150,000 Accounts

Gmail Glitch Wipes Out 150,000 Accounts?(Foxnews)

Google Gmail had a major account glitch. Tens of thousands of Gmail users found themselves locked out of their accounts Sunday, a glitch Google engineers were still struggling to fix and fully understand Monday morning. Google did not offer additional details. Meanwhile, Google engineers continue to study the service outage, according to a series of notes on the company’s status page.

“Google support help please!” wrote a desperate Gmail user. “I cannot access my account, there is really valuable information there for me, this account has been my principal account for 4 years, I am really afraid to think about how much data is lost.”

My Two Cents: Backup your data, I will say it again if you didn’t hear me the first time, Back up your data! The Service will be down a few hours or days, but when it is up, restore your account from your backup.

Cloud applications and services will crash, just like the non-cloud applications and services. If you don’t have a backup well your data is gone forever. The last time I lost any data was in 1997, the reason why is I didn’t have a backup that worked when my hard drive crashed, the tape I was backing up to failed. I learned my lesson. Back then we didn’t have the easy USB Memory Storage devices we have today, that makes backing up very easy. No excuse backup, then backup your backups.

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