Cincinnati State to offer ‘Smart Grid’ major

Cincinnati State to offer ‘Smart Grid’ major (Business Courier)

Smart Grid Technology is very important and we as a human race are way behind. We at Adept Technologies are working with power companies and local governments with software technology to manage these new and badly needed systems. It’s nice to see that the academia world is jumping on this technology training and moving forward on assisting the development of this new technology. My question to the world is, are we too late?

Most people don’t know this, but Peak Oil is a reality and a very scary one. The economic demand for oil has temporarily slowed a little based upon the resent economic decline in the markets. However, this is just a little pause, the emerging demands of oil especially in China, and India along with the rise in consumption in the developed countries is consuming oil at an alarming rate.

Worldwide discovery of oil peaked in 1964 and has followed a steady decline since. For more information on Peak Oil I recommend reading from this site:


Over the next 2-5 years the price of oil is going to be back on expensive track, that our ways of life will be drastically changed. When I first learned about this, and I was informed by an international power company, I got depressed. I thought maybe the data is incorrect. How can the days of cheap energy suddenly just vanish? On top of that, then I was told that oil is responsible for the cheap food we have here in America and the rest of the world. That basically most fertilizers are made from oil, allowing for huge crops of corn and so on. That oil has given us cheap power that seems will never end. Now the end is near, and I will see it in my lifetime. Oil will always exist, but not in the supply needed to match demand. You don’t need to be a economic professor or wall streeter to know about what prices do when demand out weighs supply. The price goes up, and way up it will go.


What to do? Well the smart grid is a step in the right direction. We need to use our existing infrastructure and create new systems to generate electricity and add it back to the grid. Solar, Wind, water currents, basically any non-fossil fuel ways of generating power. It is going to take a lot of time and investment to get this new system up and operational. I cannot go into details on this blog, but this is probably the most important challenge that Man-Kind is facing and we as a world of people need to ALL get involved.


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