New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes coding course

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes coding course (

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has resolved to take an online computer coding course. The mayor is joining more than 180,000 people currently taking part in Code Year, a campaign to encourage more people to program. “My New Year’s resolution is to learn to code with Codecademy in 2012!” he wrote on Twitter.(Continue reading at

My Two Cents: Its never too late to learn the exciting world of programming. America needs more local programmers, however it is difficult to get started. Most Americans I feel do not have the long-term dedication and sacrifice its takes to be a developer. Most developers I interview out of college do not have the skill set to join our team, and want $200k or more with no experience. Lately I also get laidoff financial professionals from Wall Street that were making $500k or more seeking engineering careers that again… they do not have the skill set required to have any value to the company. But, for the few that do have that dedication, I see the value of these online computer coding courses. Michael Bloomberg knows that the days of many high paying jobs in the financial industry are gone, and the City needs to bring high paying jobs from the technology sector from states like California, Washington, and Arizona. I have been here in New York City for almost 5 years, and as a Northern Californian, this City’s social environment with other Technology corporations by far is the best in the country. I have learned many new technologies from professionals from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, and many other technology firms, from the endless technology classes and meetup groups. The continued success of Adept technologies and any other technology corporation is based on it’s teams of didicated professionals, and the quality of life they live. New York City by far is the place to grow as a developer and stay sharp as a developer on new technologies as a team.

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