Highlights of the first New York Technology Council Panel of 2010

Highlights of the first New York Technology Council Panel of 2010 (Link to NYTECH.org)

Last nights New York Technology Council Panel Event was a very exciting venue of Technology trends of 2010.
Arik Hesseldahl of Businessweek moderated the event with Council Member Gale A. Brewer of New York City Government, Bill Zack, Architect Evangelist with Microsoft, and Alfred Spector, VP of Research and Special Initiatives with Google. This panel by far was one of the most exciting panels I have ever experienced. With an audience of 250 technology people there was not one yawn in the group.

Council Member Gale A. Brewer was called by Arik Hesseldahl of Businessweek to start with what problems she sees with Technology here in New York City. She brought up a major problem….Internet connections and bandwidth. There are millions of people that do not have enough bandwidth to provide the infrastructure necessary to run web-based systems that Google and Microsoft offer here in New York City. There are hundreds of thousands of citizens that cannot afford access to the internet at all. What do Google and Microsoft feel about that problem, especially in our schools? This started off an exciting panel of problems and solutions.

They talked about new technologies like better Broadband Internet access, Cloud Security, Mobile Phones, Information Sharing, Smart-Grid Technology, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Azure, Data, Google Goggles, and on other issues like getting more Women in Technology, making Math fun, teach beginning programming in grade schools.

I liked that real world issues and problems were addressed and there was no sugar coating, and to have such a large group of every day professionals along with the City of New York government, Microsoft and Google working together on this panel along with 45 minutes of questions for everyone else, made this panel very exciting.

After the Panel was completed everyone went to the after party up the block for further discussion.

NYTECH.org did a wonderful job. I look forward to attending more of these panels. 

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