Microsoft Licenses Patents

Microsoft Licenses Patents To LG For Android, Chrome OS Devices (The Wall Street Journal)

Microsoft Corp. agreed to license a broad assortment of patents to LG Electronics Inc. The software company’s latest such deal with a maker of mobile devices running Google Inc.’s Android platform. Over the last few months Microsoft has argued that Android incorporates some of its patented technology and pressured the makers of smartphones and tablets running the Google platform to pay a license to use the patent technology. Apple Inc. and other technology companies have similarly sought to leverage their intellectual property as high-tech mobile gadgets have proliferated and come to represent a rapidly growing market. In a statement Thursday, Microsoft did not disclose the terms of the latest deal, which covers LG tablets, smartphones and other consumer devices running Android and Google’s Chrome OS platform. (Continue reading at The Wall Street Journal)

My Two Cents: I am happy that Microsoft agreed to license their patent technology, but concerned on the methods of broad technology patents. Basic ideas should not have patents unless the idea works and has the technology created and in production before a patent is allowed.

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