Facebook Koobface worm hacker gang named

Facebook Koobface worm hacker gang named (www.bbc.com)

Alleged cybercriminals behind an internet worm, which spread via Facebook and other social networks, have been named. The suspected gang were tracked down to St Petersburg after an investigation by Facebook and cybersecurity researchers. The worm gave the gang control of hundreds of thousands of computers. While not the largest such network of hijacked machines or botnet, the so-called Koobface worm is notable for its targeting of social networks. (Continue reading at www.bbc.com)

My Two Cents: Nice important article on cybercriminals. When in doubt, do NOT click on any link you are not 100% sure you know where it came from, and even if you think the link is safe, and the header is click here for a free game, or a million dollars…its bad. Rule number one in life I have learned..nothing is free in this world! Everything that claims is free is a scam!

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