Apple Blocks Siri On Jailbroken Non-iPhone 4S Devices

Apple Blocks Siri On Jailbroken Non-iPhone 4S Devices (

Many believe that Appleā€™s decision to keep Siri away from non-4S iOS devices is part of their marketing strategy, while some believe that the company is simply unable to provide the service to the whole iOS population. But whatever the reason is behind it, it appears like Apple will always be deciding on who all will be playing with the voice assistant. They have killed Siri on jailbroken iOS devices other than the iPhone 4S. (Continue reading at

My Two Cents: Last week I upgraded to the Apple iPhone 4S. I am very surprised on how much I like Siri, and how well it works. Being a business partner with Sprint since 2004 I am so happy they offer the iPhone 4s. Our Adept applications in the field run very well on the Apple iPhone including the 4S, and using Siri to talk instead of write text is just amazing. So I can see why Apple is making sure it only operates on their devices. The value added is huge.

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