FCC warns of looming mobile spectrum crunch

FCC warns of looming mobile spectrum crunch (www.cnn.com)

The Federal Communication Commission predicts a “looming spectrum crunch” in a recently published paper, Mobile Broadband: The Benefits of Additional Spectrum. The agency predicts that U.S. mobile data users will start feeling the spectrum crunch within five years. Users of smartphones, tablets, PC aircards and MiFi-style routers, and even feature phones will feel this pinch. It will hinder the speed, quality, performance and reliability of wireless broadband connections. Users of iPhones in California’s Bay Area and several other metro regions have found out in the last several years what a spectrum crunch feels like. When a carrier like AT&T faces a far greater demand for data than its network hardware can deliver, users end up waiting and waiting for Web pages, maps, apps and more to update. E-mails take a long time to download, and sending photos or video slows to a snail’s pace. (Continue reading at www.cnn.com)

My Two Cents: Here in New York City I have experienced this spectrum crunch during the New York Philharmonic Concerts in Central Park. When you have close to a Million people on the lawn for the concert all calling, texting, and emailing at the same time, the spectrum is over-loaded, your mobile device does not work. So we take colored balloons for everyone to find us at the concert. So what needs to happen in the future is the FCC will need to permit more spectrum frequencies to carriers or hand out balloons. Of course cleaning the noise on existing spectrum frequencies can help and mobile devices can be re-engineered not to waste bandwidth. There are a lot of ways to fix this problem. Which makes this field exciting.

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