MongoDB Creating Value in the NON-Relational Database Future

MongoDB Creating Value in the NON-Relational Database Future

10gen, a New York City-based developer of an open-source, non-relational database called MongoDB, has raised $3.4 million in Series B funding. Flybridge Capital Partners led the round, and was joined by return backer Union Square Ventures.

What is nice about the MongoDB system along with others I have seen and Meetings here at the office this afternoon about this type of DB is the fact that you can place Billions of records in one table, and have this table residing in multiple data centers all over the world, and super fast query speeds with cubes of dataset returns is awesome. I was told MongoDB right now cannot connect to legacy databases yet….but will very soon.

The fact too that this DB is open source brings a powerful new way of handling large amounts of data, especially in the cloud. I look forward to further testing this product with our cloud applications along with the Microsoft Azure SQL system we are using. I do not see the relational database ever going away, however I do see both systems working together as the mission of the internet changes and the technology needed to solved problems is being developed and used.

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