Intel’s Next Target

 Intel's Next Target (Forbes)

It looks like Intel is going after more of the server market. This article from Forbes talks about what Intel is up to and the challenges of developing Server CPUs that can handle multiple threads like the applications in the cloud need.

" It needs to get enough applications running on multiple threads and cores to be able to really make a dent in the enterprise in a way that provides a performance boost that virtualization cannot. An application running on multiple cores–such as an IBM or Oracle database–runs much faster than a virtualized database using one core. It's the same for search applications, financial transactions or complex modeling. At the very high end of commercial computing, those kinds of things are still important." (Forbes Article Quote)


As a developer I look at how an application operates and the equipment needed to operate, especially using data in a database, and using BLOBS (Binary Large Objects). I can program my applications to utilize what processors are available either from the Client machines, and the Servers (virtualized too). I strongly believe that running everything from a Server or all on CLOUD server farms is a step backwards. A step forwards is you can always use client processors  along with the server processors. I break up the amount of calculations, especially on large queries, or large file uploads between them both. That is why our applications are so fast. We utilize everything. Don't get me wrong, Faster server processors are good especially in a Virtualized Environment, and go for it Intel, however don't  forget about the Client Processors too!

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