The Intel i7 CPU Specs and Review

The Intel i7 CPU Specs and Review (Cnet)

The Current Intel i7 CPU family of processors are very interesting. One major design change I see is that Intel has adopted an integrated memory controller into the Core i7 CPU. This eliminates the CPU having to communicate with a separate controller on the motherboard before it can talk to the system memory, the Core i7 CPU receives data directly from the system RAM. Take a look at the specifications and reviews from Cnet. I am in the process of building a new development computer using this processor to replace my current development computer which uses two duel core Xeon processors. I have been very happy with the Xeon processors. I am hoping for speed and more speed with the Intel i7. I will followup on my experiences with the i7 as a developer in my future posts. For now take a look at the specs from Cnet.

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