Facebook fights Virginia’s demand for user data, photos!!

Facebook fights Virginia's demand for user data, photos!! (CNet News)

As Facebook finally turns a profit, and reaches 300 million users, governments and businesses want access to your facebook data! BIG BROTHER knocking at the door!

"The state of Virginia has backed away from its attempts to force Facebook to divulge the complete contents of a user's account to settle a dispute over workers' compensation, narrowly avoiding what promised to be a high-profile privacy battle in federal court"

I guess people that claim to be hurt in Worker's Compensation that are supposed to be in wheelchairs or in bed, have been posting pictures on facebook of skydiving and running in marathons! All the State needs to do instead of attacking our privacy on facebook, is stake these folks out. Follow them to the airport and take their own pictures of these folks skydiving or running. Instead most governments and businesses like to take the easy way out…force Facebook by legal action to scare them to give them access to our data. I am happy Facebook is protecting our data for now. Again…who really owns this data? So if you are posting data on facebook, make sure you post data that you don't care who sees it.

For the folks that are claiming false Worker's Compensation Claims…shame on you, and I hope you DO get caught! However the State shouldn't force facebook to give them access to everyone's data!

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